The Penderwicks at Point Mouette by Jeanne Birdsall

The Penderwicks at Point MouetteSeptember is a transition month. The weather is still very summer-like but, with the advent of a new school year, summer is definitely at an end. It’s a good time to reminisce about the wonders that were the carefree days of June, July and August. It’s a good time to relive picnics, swimming with friends, bike rides and vacations.

This past summer, I went on a vacation with friends, Skye, Jane, little Batty, the Penderwicks and their “almost brother” Jeffery. Rosalind went to Atlantic City with a friend and it was a little weird without her around but despite all her anxieties, Skye was a responsible OAP—Oldest Available Penderwick. Oh, Aunt Claire came, too because Father, Ianthe and baby Ben were honeymooning in Britain.

We spent two wonderful weeks in a teacup cottage on the Atlantic Ocean in Point Mouette, Maine. We met new friends. Weathered a few unforeseen “twists in the road.” Made some discoveries about Batty and Jeffery and, all in all, had a thoroughly enjoyable time. If I had taken the time to write a postcard it would have most definitely said, “Wish You Were Here.”

Posted by: Eileen

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