Fortune’s Magic Farm by Suzanne Selfors

Fortune's Magic FarmIsabelle lives in Runny Cove, where the sky is always “as gray as a pair of filthy socks,” and it has rained every day for as long as she can remember. Like everyone else in town, Isabelle is forced to work long hours at Mr. Supreme’s Umbrella Factory, where she earns barely enough to afford a rain slicker, cheese sandwiches, and the rent at Mama Lu’s boarding house.

Dreary as life is, Isabelle has always had a feeling that she has a special destiny. Then, one day, she receives an interesting gift: an apple. It’s a slimy apple, having been sneezed into her lap by a long-nosed sea monster. And thus begins Isabelle’s adventure. The apple leads to a strange boy named Sage, she takes a ride on the aforementioned long-nosed sea monster (actually a long-nosed elephant seal named Neptune), and she learns that she is the heir to a magic farm whose crops include Curative Cherries (which heal sickness) and Floating Fronds (which make you fly). But her adventure doesn’t end there. Although Isabelle finds a home and a family at Fortune’s Magic Farm, she feels compelled to return to Runny Cove, knowing the people she left behind need her help. Once again, she must face the terrible Mama Lu and cruel Mr. Supreme. But this time she has magic – and her new-found family – on her side.

Funny, sweet, and filled with delicious details, Fortune’s Magic Farm is a great book for readers 8 and up who enjoy magical adventure stories. It might also make a wonderful choice for a family or classroom read-aloud.

Posted by: Perry


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  1. 1

    nata said,

    well 🙂
    like it

  2. 2

    aulia said,

    it’s best story 🙂

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