The Girl Who Threw Butterflies by Mick Cochrane

Girl Who Threw ButterfliesThis is a wonderful book about a girl who has lost her father. He had died recently in a car crash. Now she has to figure out how to live with that reality. Her mother has become very distant. A woman who loses herself in online shopping . She no longer has the vitality to fix dinner and Molly misses that time that they would spend together making dinner. Now they just argue. To let off some steam, Molly goes outside to pitch a few balls. Her father had taught her how to play catch and how to pitch. They had shared an enthusiasm for baseball which her mother couldn’t relate to. As she throws her first pitch, her knuckleball, a pitch that flutters and flits, she realizes that she wants to play boys baseball this year. She wants to be a pitcher. Her best friend is supportive but she’s afraid to tell her mother about her decision.

This is a really good sports book. Molly has to deal with prejudice and failure and team dynamics. She is lucky to have a good best friend, a good coach and actually makes a friend on the team. I recommend it for girls grades 5th through 8th.

Posted by: Fran

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