Tillie the Terrible Swede by Sue Stauffacher

Tillie the Terrible SwedeOctober’s bright, clear weather offers the perfect time for bike riding around town. But even if it’s cold and gray, or you’ve got a flat, reading Tillie the Terrible Swede: How one woman, a sewing needle and a bicycle changed history by Sue Stauffacher would be a wonderful way to spend a few fun-filled minutes by yourself or with your family.

Not only is Tillie’s a story of local interest–she began her riding/racing career in the Chicago area–it’s a tale of self determination, strength and “intestinal fortitude.” A young immigrant seamstress, Tillie scandalized her family, friends and acquaintances by taking up bike riding back in the 1890’s. Then she blew the top off propriety by designing a “skin tight” cycling outfit and competing in long distance races. The absolute end though, was how strong she became as a result of all her exercise. She developed muscles! Imagine…it was unheard of. Though now that you know about her, it would be terrible if you missed Tillie.

The colorful illustrations by Sarah McMeneny lend a very nostalgic appeal. This is a book that “wheel” please you.

Posted by: Eileen

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