Wonderland by Tommy Kovac

WonderlandIf you’ve read Alice in Wonderland, you might recall that when Alice first meets the White Rabbit, for some reason he thinks that she’s his maid, Mary Anne.  Who IS Mary Anne?  Where was she when Alice was in Wonderland?  And what happens to her after Alice leaves?  And what do all of the denizens of Wonderland think of Alice, given the wake of destruction she left behind her?

Kovac has created a wonderful world visually reminiscent of–but not derivative of–the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland, but full of the references to the original books by Lewis Carroll.  Mary Anne, a girl obsessed with being tidy, finds herself on the run from the vicious Red Queen.  Her only companion is her sentient, talking feather duster/bird, and her rollicking trip takes her down a treacle well, away from the Jabberwocky, and into a meeting with a mysterious new queen that no one has ever heard of before.

If you like well-written characters, amusing stories, Cheshire cats, and, of course, nonsense, this hilarious graphic novel is definitely for you.

Posted by: Sarah

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