Backward Bowwow: A DC Super Pets Book by Sarah Hines Stephens

Backward Bow WowDC Super Pets are fantastic easy readers. The text is clear, sentence structure is perfect for beginning readers, and they even use comic book style fonts and color to denote dialogue which helps beginning readers distinguish dialogue from the rest of the text AND adds a fun, comic book element. The illustrator, Art Baltazar has won the Eisner award and it shows in his illustrations for this book. The Eisner award is awarded to outstanding comic book artists each year. Backward Bowwow contains high gloss, bright illustrations that will draw kids into the stories.

In this title, Superman’s dog Krypto meets his evil counterpart, Bizarro Krypto. Bizzaro Krypto crash lands on Earth with the intent of reversing the relationship between dogs and humans. In Bizzaro World, the dogs are in charge and the humans are the pets, and Bizzaro Krypto is determined to make Earth the same way and it is up to Krypto to stop him. The title also has bonus material at the end including jokes and a glossary to define some of the higher level words called “Word Power”. This series has everything a beginning reader would want: superheroes, pets, great pictures and fun stories.

Posted by: Kelly

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