My Best Frenemy by Julie Bowe

My Best FrenemyIda May is in fourth grade. She is a popular girl but her best friend is Stacey. She confides in her diary which she calls Stella. Things are changing within her group of friends. Some of the girls are getting very interested in fashion and makeup and some have had their ears pierced. Ida May’s main interest is art but she would like to have her ears pierced. Her parents want her to wait until she is older.

Two of Ida May’s friends are not getting along. They used to be best friends but now things are tense between them. One of her friends likes sports and can’t understand why some of the other girls care so much about what they are wearing. Then one of her friends gets a Truth or Dare game for Christmas and starts bringing it to school. The girls are beginning to get into trouble for wearing eye make-up and for doing dares they have been given because of the game. In fact, some of the Truths and Dare make Ida May very uncomfortable.

Ida May is a smart girl with a warm heart and you can really identify with her feelings and her problems. Best of all she is a good friend and manages to come through a lot of difficult situations because of her personality and, at least in one situation, she just gets lucky! Recommended for girls from 4th through 6th grade.

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