The Night Fairy by Laura Amy Schlitz

Night FairyWhen Flory’s wings are crushed in an accident, she is separated from the rest of the night fairies and stranded in the garden of a human (“a giantess”). She is still young and only as tall as an acorn, and now she must learn to survive on her own. She defends herself, makes clothes out of cherry blossom petals, finds an ally in the greedy but lovable squirrel, and embarks on a dangerous journey to save a hummingbird. It’s ultimately a story about making a home for yourself in your own little corner of the world, even if you were born a night fairy and didn’t really plan on living in a bird house with a squirrel for your best friend.

This slim book is a wonderful read, full of charming details, vivid imagery, friendship, and plenty of adventure. While it will, of course, appeal to children who love fairy books, I think it will also appeal to young readers who enjoy animal stories and outdoor adventure stories. As it’s so pretty, with illustrations by Angela Barrett and deep blue endpapers that are just a little bit sparkly, The Night Fairy would make a beautiful gift. It would also make a great family read-aloud; I can definitely see snuggling under the covers with this one.

Posted by: Parry


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