The Green Mother Goose: Saving the World One Rhyme at a Time by Jan Peck and David Davis

Green Mother GooseI have always found the traditional Mother Goose ditties to be dated and old-fashioned. As cute as some of the rhymes might be, who knows what a peck of pickled peppers is? Who knows about maids a-courting or maids a-waiting? What are curds and whey? What are swine and farthings? Well, along has come a great new ‘recycled’ version of Mother Goose, filled with hilarious earth-friendly bits of rhyming wisdom.

Many of the same characters are present in this new book, like Jack Sprat, Little Jack Horner, Old Mother Hubbard, and even that precocious little girl who had that little curl right in the middle of her forehead. In this new version, the little curl was on top of her head and it glittered. When she was good, she recycled all she could, but when she was bad — she littered. Mary still has her little lamb, but since his fleece was sooty and black from the coal-fired plant, Mary and her lamb now work for cleaner air. Little Jack Horner is still in his corner, but he’s not eating, he’s replacing all the outmoded light bulbs. Old Mother Hubbard shops for tofu and organic treats for her poor dog and she shops with cloth shopping bags. The fun and beauty is that each of these ditties is set in lyrical, playful, whimsical, ecologically-friendly verse. What a hoot! Even the illustrations are terrific, composed from newspapers, ticket stubs, and other reused materials. This is a fun, silly way to groom young ones into thinking ‘green’ and to enjoy a hip new Mother Goose.

Posted by: Fran D.

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    davidrdavis said,

    Thanks for the kind review. Jan Peck and I were trying to write something that would create just the feelings you expressed. We want little ones to grow up in a healthy clean world. We are so glad you enjoyed the book! Thanks again for taking the time to review it!
    Best, David Davis

  2. 2

    Jan Peck said,

    Yes! thanks for being a hip, smart, green person yourself! Excellent writing! Best wishes and golden fishes to you! Jan Peck

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