Waddles by David McPhail

WaddlesIt is not often that a raccoon befriends a duck (as far as anyone knows), but these two make a wonderful pair! Waddles the raccoon and Emily the duck are best friends, and they like to swim together and search for food together, even offering to share their food with each other. One day when Emily can’t go swimming with Waddles because she has laid her eggs and needs to stay with them, Waddles offers to sit on the nest for her. Much to his surprise, the eggs hatch, and Waddles watches as five little ducklings poke their heads out of the shells — and into his heart. Waddles spends many hours with the ducklings, telling them stories and napping and playing. Then one day it comes time for the ducks to go south for the winter. Waddles is surprised at how sad and lonely he feels and how much he misses his friend Emily and her little duck family – he had never felt that way in the winter before. Well finally as the ducks had promised, Spring eventually arrives and the ducks come back. Waddles then realizes what is really most important to him – being with FRIENDS and the ones you love. This wonderful story of friendship would make a very good read aloud for kids 4 and up and truly teaches what it is to be a friend.

Posted by: Mary

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