Liesl and Po by Lauren Oliver

Liesl and PoIf you are looking for a scary ghost story with blood thirsty, terrifying ghosts this story is not for you, though you will get a little peek into the after life. This is a rather sweet ghost story. There are some very evil, dangerous, and unlikeable characters in this story, however. One of them is the ugly stepmother who has locked her stepdaughter, Liesl, up in the attic. Another is the wicked alchemist who has taken a lot of the life, beauty and sunshine from the world in order to make a magic potion for the Lady Premiere, also a nasty character. The alchemist has an apprentice whom he uses to run his errands. He is an orphan and his name is Will.

It is actually Will’s mistake which starts the story in motion, he delivers the box of magic to the wrong person. When Liesl runs away, Will follows her and her ghost friends, Po and Bundle, come too. They are also helped by a friendly watchman, Mo, who carries his pet cat in a sling. This is a fun story with lots of action, creepy characters and a satisfying ending.

Posted by: Fran


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