Nini Here and There by Anita Lobel

Nini Here and TherePoor Nini! She is confronted with a chaos of shoes and boots and hats and books and coat and suitcases. This can only mean one thing: her people are going away without her!

Even worse is when Nini is put into a Big Black Thing, where she has to stay for so long that she falls asleep and dreams of clouds . . . the ocean . . . the desert . . . until she wakes up: where?

I have a cat myself, and I always wonder what she’s thinking about when we do leave her all alone, and when she’s put into her cat carrier. Anita Lobel’s captivating illustrations of Nini’s journey drive this little story, but it’s her understanding of her own cat (also named Nini, and on whom the character is based) that makes the book feel so real and true. Nini herself is so charming (without being anthropomorphized), that the reader will be completely drawn into her small-scale world.

For more of the endearing Nini, check out Lobel’s other books about her: Nini Lost and Found, and One Lighthouse, One Moon.

Posted by: Sarah


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