Larry Gets Lost in Chicago by Michael Mullin

Larry Gets Lost in ChicagoSummer break is upon us and for those of us in the Chicago suburbs that often means trips into the City to enjoy all it has to offer. Michael Mullins offers the perfect primer for preschool and young school aged children to read before your adventure begins. The picture book tells the story of a boy named Pete and his family taking a trip to Chicago, complete with their dog, Larry.

This is not the family’s first trip nor is it Larry’s first time getting lost on vacation. Other books in this series feature Larry getting lost in Los Angeles, Texas and Seattle. This book covers all of the main attractions in Chicago including “The Bean” which is prominently featured on the cover. Larry and his family also experience a boat tour on the Chicago River, Navy Pier, Wrigley Field and of course, Larry getting to taste both a Chicago-style hot dog and Chicago-style pizza. In fact, Larry is separated from his family by the smell of one of our world famous hot dogs. The book takes Larry on a journey through Chicago as he looks for his family, and is continually distracted from his goal by Chicago’s many attractions.

This is a first-rate lost and found journey. The book also offers stunningly bright retro-cartoon style illustrations, often from the perspective of Larry the dog that will appeal to all preschoolers. Larry himself is particularly engaging with his round face and big, pink nose. The factual information about the City of Chicago is written at the right level to pique the interest of a preschooler or kindergartner. In addition to being an excellent choice for local children, this book would be great to have in your home for out of town visitors coming to stay during the summer months and planning on taking in the sites of Chicago.

Posted by: Kelly


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