The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene Catling

The Chocolate TouchChocolate! Sweets! Candy! Many of us have a sweet tooth or even an entire mouth full of sweet teeth. I know I do. So did John Midas. John is known for his love of all candy, but most especially chocolate. He eats it anytime of the day, all day long much to his parent’s dismay. His love of candy prevents him from eating a variety of good foods that would help him grow big and strong. John doesn’t really care because he simply has a passion for candy. He is also known for his greedy ways because he never, ever shares his sweets. One day something wonderful happens when John finds a curious gold coin on the street that he is able to trade it in for a fancy box of chocolates the he finds in a brand new candy store. Imagine his delight to have an entire box of chocolates all for himself. That night he eagerly opens the chocolate box, only to be disappointed to discover just one piece of chocolate which he promptly pops into his mouth. Oh, it was good! It was the most chocolaty chocolate that John had ever tasted. As many of us know, It is possible to have too much of a good thing. It seems that the one delicious chocolate was more than a just a tasty sweet – it was also a magical sweet. John’s world suddenly takes a sweet turn – or is it really such a sweet turn?? After reading this tasty book you may find yourself craving a nice crunchy apple which you are willing to cut in half and share with someone! Posted by: Wendy


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