Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth by Jane O’Connor

Nancy Clancy Super SleuthFancy Nancy is growing up and so are her readers. Kids who are growing out of the Fancy Nancy picture books and leveled readers will be thrilled to see this new series of chapter books featuring all of the characters from the previous books by Jane O’Connor. O’Connor’s sweet, funny text is paired well with Robin Preiss-Glasser’s illustrations once again in this story.

Nancy emulates Nancy Drew since she received a special first edition copy of a Nancy Drew book from Mrs. De Vine, her fabulous neighbor. Nancy and her best friend Bree decide to become detectives just like Nancy Drew. They are dressed for the job with Nancy in a pink trenchcoat and Bree in purple complete with rhinestone-studded magnifying glasses. The only problem is, there are not any cases in Nancy’s quiet town. That is until her teacher’s prize marble goes missing on Family Day. Nancy is on the case immediately!

This chapter book is good, wholesome fun for 1st and 2nd graders who are beginning to read chapter books independently. As in the picture books, Nancy likes to use new vocabulary words, and kids will have fun learning the meaning of words like “motive” and phrases like “in the dark of night.” This story also incorporates a secret code readers can try to crack and a lesson on the lost art of playing marbles.

Posted by: Kelly


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