The Neighborhood Mother Goose by Nina Crews

Neighborhood Mother GooseMother Goose nursery rhymes are little treasures. Not only do they have rhyme and rhythm, which make them easy to remember and delight the ears of young children, but they are such interesting and innovative little stories – by turns comical, sweet, doleful (rain rain go away), and downright mysterious. They also hold much history in their words (click here to find out what pease porridge actually is). It is the juxtaposition of these traditional rhymes and Nina Crews’ photographs of contemporary children which makes The Neighborhood Mother Goose such a unique and delightful book.

Inspired by her vibrant and diverse neighborhood, Crews illustrates a selection of rhymes with photographic collages featuring children in a city setting (most of the photographs were taken in or around Park Slope in Brooklyn). These lively illustrations are both realistic and fantastical – photographic images are manipulated to bring the scenes to life, such as in the picture of a tiny Jack jumping over a candle-topped cupcake at a birthday party. Crews succeeds in capturing both the ordinary and fantastic in everyday life – which is what these nursery rhymes did so well to begin with.

The Neighborhood Mother Goose is highly recommended – a wonderful book for even the youngest children.

Posted by: Parry

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