I Will Not Read This Book by Cece Meng

I Will Not Read This BookThis year, there seem to be so many wonderful picture books about libraries and reading that I decided to review another one this month. This book is particularly appealing because the main character is resisting reading, rather than the usual loving books and reading. I think this will strike a chord with lots of parents, teachers, and kids too. Initially it seems that the little boy in the story just doesn’t want to do what grown-ups want him to do, but we quickly find out that “Reading is hard and I don’t read fast and sometimes there are words I don’t know. . . .” So now we know why he won’t read this book, and “YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!”.

He won’t read this book even if you hang him upside down by one toe … over a cliff while tickling his feet … in a rainstorm with lightning above and sharks down below … and a dragon comes along and blows smoke in his eyeballs … and there’s a speeding train coming toward him … and he sneezes and you drop him. WAIT – if you drop him, he just might change his mind and read. This is a lighthearted look at those young ones who resist reading and their grown-ups who keep trying. — Just right!

Posted by: Mary

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