Tales for Very Picky Eaters by Josh Schneider

Tales for Very Picky EatersHere is a simple quiz to determine if you are (or if you know) a picky eater:

I can’t eat broccoli. It’s disgusting (yes or no)
Lumpy oatmeal makes me gag. (yes or no)
I am repulsed by mushroom lasagna. It smells funny. (yes or no)
Eggs are slimy and I will not eat them. (yes or no)

James answers yes to every question and his father creates humorous tales as to why his son should consider eating those foods. When James declares that milk is repulsive and that he won’t drink it, his father replies “good idea, milk gives growing children strong, hard bones so just think of all the great things you could do with nice soft bones.” Dad gives examples of how soft bones can be a plus, as well as how they will prevent James from doing some of the things he loves. James drinks his milk.

Each short chapter is accompanied by humorous illustrations that demonstrate Dad’s use of psychology while he cleverly guides his son away from his picky eating ways. By the last chapter James tries to give his father a dose of his own psychology, but Dad is one step ahead.

I smiled throughout this book as I was reminded of my days with a picky eater.

Posted by: Wendy

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