Just a Second: A different way to look at time by Steve Jenkins

Just a SecondIt took me approximately 30 seconds to compose and type this sentence. In that time a human eye would have blinked 210 times, a deadly black mamba could have slithered 720 feet (ugh…), the moon traveled 19 miles orbiting the earth and a skydiver could fall one mile. Pretty amazing.

Author Steve Jenkins, has long been a favorite of mine. He has an with awe-inspiring ability to turn ordinary facts into extraordinarily amazing statements. For those who have not yet made his acquaintance, some of his titles include Bones: Skeletons and how they operate, Never Smile at a Monkey and 17 other important things to remember, Actual Size and Brothers and Sisters: Sibling relationships in the animals world. Each book manages to pack encyclopedic knowledge of its subject into a 32 page mostly picture and caption format.

Generally working in double page spreads, Mr. Jenkins crams his books with sometimes startling, sometimes mind-boggling factoids. Much more than trivia, both curious kids and adults will not fail to be instructed and astonished by his information passed on in an informal manner.

For instance, in one minute, a chilly crocodile’s heart may slow to just one beat while at the same time 59,000 barrels of oil are used world-wide. In one day, 50 new species of plants and animals are indentified as another 150 species go extinct (and bamboo grows 36 inches, which you may already know if you’ve ever planted bamboo.) In short, in the time it’s taken you to read this review, a giant tortoise has struggled to move about 30 feet and people around the world have drunk an equivalent of almost 5 million twelve-ounce soft drinks.

Time’s a-wasting. Stop reading this and get yourself a copy of Just a Second.

Posted by: Eileen

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