If Waffles Were Like Boys by Charise Mericle Harper

If Waffles Were Like BoysCharise Mericle Harper is the author of many popular children’s books including the Just Grace series, the Fashion Kitty series, and the picture book Cupcake. I was a bit surprised to see Harper depart from stories that center around girls and take on boys. This picture book examines what many items that preschoolers find in their regular routine would be like if they were like boys. “If waffles were like boys… breakfast would be a battlefield!”, and “[i]f socks were like boys…laundry baskets would be pirate ships!”, and so on, moving through objects young children encounter throughout the day until “[i]f stars were like boys…night skies would be fireworks!” Harper not only has moved away from her girl-centric stories, but chosen to examine the most energetic side of boyhood. Paired with humorous cartoon-like illustrations from Scott Magoon, this story will not miss with preschool aged boys and girls in search of a bedtime story. Just make sure this is the first bedtime book of the night because it is a bit to boisterous to0 be the last. Posted by: Kelly

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