The Boy Who Cried Ninja by Alex Latimer

The Boy Who Cried NinjaHave you ever told what happened and no one believed you – not even your parents? Well, that is what keeps happening to Tim. What also keeps happening is a lot of CRAZY, UNBELIEVABLE things, like a ninja eating the last piece of cake, an astronaut taking Dad’s hammer to fix his spaceship, and a giant squid eating Tim’s whole book bag while he is off buying ice cream! When Tim explains to his parents what happened, his parents are very upset with him for telling lies, and he is told to rake the leaves in the yard and think about what he has done. Tim does think and decides that he is simply going to have to own up to the things that are happening, even though he REALLY is not doing them.

Sooo . . . the next time a pirate drinks the tea straight from the pot, and a crocodile lands on the roof and breaks the TV antenna, and a monkey starts throwing pencils at Grampa while he is sleeping, Tim says it is all his fault! Of course, Tim gets in trouble again, until he comes up with a new plan. He sends an invitation to a party to a certain ninja, an astronaut, a giant squid . . . and when they all arrive mom and dad finally know that Tim was really telling the truth all along. What a fun twist on a traditional story!

Posted by: Mary


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