Time Out for Monsters! By Jean Reidy

Time Out for Monsters!After reading this book, I had to chuckle to think about my own (of course, very limited) time spent in the corner being punished. In Time Out for Monsters!, the little boy has been sent to the corner most certainly to think about what he has done wrong. Instead he starts deciding what he would do to “spruce up” the corner where he spends so much time. He thinks it could definitely use some color and a window, oh, and some flowers, and what about a dinosaur or two or three. Of course the corner needs a monster and a monster truck and what about a fire truck! (You can see where this is going.) How about a dump truck full of ice cream or maybe a dragon? When all of these wonderful ideas end up as pictures colored on the living room wall, you just know there will lots more opportunities to “think” and decorate in the corner. Very clever and fun!

Posted by: Mary

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