The World According to Humphrey by Betty G. Birney

World According to HumphreyHumphrey the hamster is the class pet in Room 26 of Longfellow School. Ms Mac, the temporary teacher, purchases Humphrey for the students and she personally takes tender loving care of him by bringing him home with her at night and on the week-ends. He is no ordinary hamster and during the school day he learns lessons along with the students. He even has his own little notebook and pencil.

Life is wonderful for Humphrey until it is time for Mrs. Brisbane, the regular teacher, to return to the class. Mrs. Brisbane does not like him one bit and she is not about to bring him home with her on the week-ends the way Ms Mac did. But there is no need for Humphrey to panic because the room mothers arrange for him to spend time with the family of a different student each week-end. As I mentioned, Humphrey is no ordinary hamster and he finds ingenious ways to help the various families solve their dilemmas during his week-end visits. He is so very remarkable that even Mrs. Brisbane has a change of heart toward him.

This book is written from the voice of Humphrey who is simply the smartest and most lovable hamster I have ever encountered. There are other Humphrey books in the series so his antics will continue to entertain you.

Posted by: Wendy


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