The Blue-Nosed Witch by Margaret Embry

The Blue-Nosed WitchBlanche is a young witch who belongs to a special scurry of witches known for its beautiful flight formation. Some witches might think she isn’t fit for such a distinguished scurry – Blanche is young and scatterbrained, and despite her best efforts she always manages to be late. But she also has a very special bright blue nose which she can flash on and off at will, and that counts for a lot. Even so, Blanche realizes she cannot be late for the most important flight of the year on Halloween night. Her efforts to be early work a little too well, though, and Blanche finds herself awake hours before midnight, fallen in with a group of human children out for trick-or-treating. The children are charmed by Blanche’s fantastic blue nose, her flying broom, and her little black cat named Brockett, so they invite her to join them – and that is how Blanche the little witch has a Halloween adventure unlike any her fellow scurry-members have ever had.

Originally published in 1956, The Blue-Nosed Witch is charming and old-fashioned. It is a very short and quick-moving chapter book with black and white illustrations scattered throughout – perfect for new chapter book readers. If you’re like I was, and looking for a light-hearted Halloween story without the spook factor, then this might make an excellent choice.

Posted by: Parry

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