Mario Makes a Move by Jill McElmurry

Mario Makes a MoveSometimes you just have to show off your new move, because it is sooo… cool, not to mention unique and AMAZING and ARTISTIC and ASTONISHING. This move is what separates Mario from all the other forest animals, or so he thinks. Mario has lots of moves, including the Super Looper, and the Crazy Wave, and the Rocket to Mars to name a few. And, he has always received much adulation and oohs and ahhs from his family, and so one day he decides to share his amazing move entitled the “Amazing Amazer” with his friend Isabelle.

Isabelle stops what she is doing to watch Mario’s move and then simply replies that his move is “nice”. Just NICE??? Mario can’t believe his ears! And not only that, Isabelle can actually do Mario’s amazing move!! Isabelle then informs him that all the forest animals have their signature “amazing moves”. Needless to say, Mario feels somewhat deflated and decides to stop doing his moves and to find something else only he can do that is just as amazing . . . so he chooses sticks. Isabelle cannot see what’s so special about sticks, especially in comparison to Mario’s amazing move. With a little encouragement, Mario decides to keep working on his moves, because that really is what he is good at … and when Mario and Isabelle join forces and invent the “Even More Amazingly Amazing Amazer”, everyone is in fact amazed. This book is very fun and a little different from most picture books. Not only is it fun to read, but there are some good messages here too!

Posted by: Mary


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