Scary Mary by Paula Bowles

Scary MaryWell of course the title of this book caught my eye, and I was happy to discover that this is a wonderful book covering a subject that is not so wonderful. Scary Mary is a chicken and also happens to be a barnyard bully – she rules the roost and doesn’t want to share anything, not the barnyard and definitely not “her” sunflower seeds. She makes signs, she puts up gates, and even builds a fort to keep the others out. She also continues to work on her very scary faces and various other ways to scare the barnyard animals away. As you might suspect, Mary succeeds in keeping the other animals out and ends up playing by herself and eating by herself and clucking by herself. Of course, she quickly realizes that being scary is SO LONELY. In the end, Mary decides she doesn’t like to be lonely and asks the other animals if she could play too. Wouldn’t you know it, they say YES!, because they already know that it is much more fun to do things together. While still being fun to read, this simple story manages to get an important message across about bullying.

Posted by: Mary


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