Moo Hoo by Candace Ryan

Moo HooCow and Owl are best friends. They do everything together…just the two of them. Until Kangaroo shows up, that is. Suddenly Kangaroo wants to join the fun. Is there room for “Roo too?” He likes all the same things as Cow and Owl, but Cow and Owl like being a twosome. Kangaroo tries in vain time after time to show Cow and Owl that he can play too, but the tight-knit duo are not interested in adding another friend into the mix. Kangaroo can only take so much rejection, and eventually he gives up trying to play with Cow and Owl. Only then do Cow and Owl realize that maybe Kangaroo is an alright guy. He is pretty good at drawing, and he does know how to make some pretty cool airplanes for their super hero toys. Cow and Owl decide to try to find Kangaroo and ask him to play again, and when they do they realize that three can be even more fun than two.

Told through very simple text and delightfully quirky illustrations, Moo Hoo is a charming story about friendship and acceptance. Presented with a gentle sense of humor, author Candace Ryan creates three very lovable characters. Mike Lowery’s inviting illustrations and soft color palette enhance the story through their simplicity and warmth. It is not hard to see why Kangaroo would want to befriend Cow and Owl and, conversely, how the “New Roo” is able to win over the pair.

It is all too easy to get swept away in the routines of our lives and feel like there is no room for anything new. However, sometimes taking a risk and opening yourself up to new experiences and people can bring great rewards, as Cow and Owl discover when they take a chance on Kangaroo. So take a chance on Moo Hoo…you just might find that this new crew is perfect for you too.

Posted by: Staci


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