Leap Back Home to Me by Lauren Thompson

Leap Back Home to MeThis delightful picture book features a young frog whose mother is encouraging him to explore the world, and when he is done, to “leap back home to me.” The young frog’s journey starts small as he leaps over a ladybug and a bee, but soon he is going farther, over the creek, over the hilltop even over the sun!

Playful pen and ink with watercolor illustrations show the small frog’s confidence and joy as he becomes more independent. Equally playful are the illustrations of the mother frog waiting with crayons or dinner for her young frog to return. Toddlers and young preschoolers will love listening to the text which is told in short, bouncy rhymes and even feature jumping sounds (plip!).

We are living in complicated times and it is difficult for parents to let their children out of their sight for even a moment, but this sweet picture book captures the joy that exploring and independence bring for young children, especially when they know a caring adult is waiting for them to return. This may be a comforting read for parents struggling to let their children explore the world as much as it is an amusing read for 2’s and 3’s who are longing to explore.

Posted by: Kelly

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