The Dog Who Belonged to No One by Amy Hest

The Dog Who Belonged to No OneWhen I saw this book with the sweet puppy on the cover, I was immediately drawn to it since we recently got a rescue dog ourselves. The author has also written a few of my favorite stories, a couple of which are You Can Do It, Sam and Kiss Goodnight. Luckily, this story does not disappoint. It is the story of a little dog who is a stray, and although he is a perfectly nice dog who is not a loud barker or biter or jumper, no one wants him for their very own. He tries to be helpful by chasing baseballs in the summer and finding lost mittens in the winter, but still no one wants to take him home. This lonely little dog hopes and wishes for a friend and for a forever home. Then there is Lia, a helpful and sweet young girl who helps her parents who are bakers by delivering their goods to town. Lia herself is a little lonely riding her bike on the long road to town, and so she thinks up stories to pass the time.

It is obvious that this dog and this little girl need each other, and one day their paths finally cross. It is a Sunday morning and very rainy and stormy, and a little stray dog is trying to outrun the rain – run, run, run. At the same time a young girl is racing to get home and out of the rain – pedal, pedal, pedal. Each are soaked to the bone and shaking and shivering and dripping wet. It just so happens that the little dog runs and runs until he reaches a crooked little house with a warm porch light, and what do you know, it is Lia’s house! Both Lia and the little stray dog get warmed inside, and each find the friend they have been hoping for. What a warm and cozy story!

Posted by: Mary


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