Hello Day by Anita Lobel

Hello DayThe sun rose. Good morning.

So begins the book Hello Day, by Anita Lobel, one of the simplest and loveliest of picture books. Following this image of the sun rising, we are treated to the images of different farm animals exclaiming, each in her own particular way, “Hello, day!” The cow said “Moo,” and the sheep said “Baa,” for example; until night falls and the owl greets it with a “Whoo-oo.”

On each two page spread, the right side displays the text in large type against a white background, and on the left side is the corresponding illustration. The illustrations in this book are quite special – vivid and striking, they manage to also be detailed while remaining uncluttered. With its simplicity and visual clarity, it is the perfect picture book for babies.

Hello Day is not available in board book format, but don’t let that scare you away from sharing it with your favorite baby. Sure, it’s not the book to leave out with the toys, and not the book to let baby chew on (save that for the sturdy board books!). You might keep this book on the bookshelf and share it at a special time. It happened to be the very first hardcover book that I gave to my niece. She was about six months old, and it became the book my sister always read to her before her afternoon nap. As I’m told, when it was time, my sister would pull it off the shelf and Winnie’s eyes would light up. I loved to imagine her delighting in this book, in its bright colors and joyful sounds, in the image of a white horse against a pink sky, sitting in her rocking chair snuggled next to her mom with the afternoon sun streaming in. *Sigh.* Perhaps you will enjoy reading it with a baby in your life, too.

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