The Obstinate Pen by Frank W. Dormer

The Obstinate PenJust imagine how you would feel if you wrote one thing, and your pen wrote another! Well, that’s just what happens when you have an obstinate pen. This pen has a mind of its own, AND not only does it write what it wants to write, but it insults people too! You too would probably throw it out the window, and that is what happens in this story. When the pen hits a police officer in the ear, he decides to use it to write a woman a ticket, but instead the pen writes “Kiss that girl!” and continues to insist in a very forceful way that he do so.

After he finally decides to follow the pen’s advice, the officer throws the pen away, and it is found by a very fanciful woman. She decides to write her memoir with the pen and instead of writing “I, Mrs. Norkham Pigeon-Smythe, related to the Great King of Farflungdom, have lived a very lush life”, the pen writes “Mrs. Floofy Pants has a spoon up her nose!” WHAT!?? Mrs. Pigeon-Smythe bursts out laughing, and tells everyone she knows about the very precocious and unusual pen. She decides to place the pen under glass in a room, but the pen breaks out. Well what would you do if you were a prisoner with no visitors at all? Finally the pen is picked up by Horace, a young boy who uses it to draw wonderful pictures, and the pen finally lets him. What a clever and unusual story. It is sure to be a crowd pleaser and wonderful read-aloud.

Posted by: Mary

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