Not For Parents: The Travel Book by Lonely Planet

Not For Parents: The Travel BookAdults may be familiar with Lonely Planet’s travel guides, but this book is definitely written for elementary school-aged children. Organized by continent, the book features 200 countries, or one country per page. Obviously, given that each country only gets one page, the information provided about each country is minimal. This is not the book to check out when planning a trip and hoping to find great deals on hotels and entertainment for the whole family or even an in depth look at a country’s historical, cultural or geographical history. What this book is good for, is to entice children to learn about other countries and spark curiosity for international travel.

Each page opens with how to say “hello” in the country it is featuring. The featured country is depicted by maps, illustrations, and beautiful photography. The layout of the pages is not linear so children can scan from pictures to bites of information however they choose. And the information provided is completely kid-appealing facts such as items that were invented in that country, quirky historical events of note and significant holiday celebrations.

Fans of the Guinness Book of World Records and DK’s Eyewitness books will love the format. Many children will enjoy learning about the countries featured in the book and spouting out fun-facts about the countries for weeks if you take this book home.

Posted by: Kelly


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