Penny and Her Song by Kevin Henkes

Penny and Her SongPenny comes home with a new song, and she wants someone to listen to her! But Mama and Papa say it’s the babies’ nap time. Penny tries singing to herself in the mirror, but that isn’t the same, and neither is singing to her little glass animals. So Penny waits all the way until dinner time, only to be told, “Not at the table,” by Mama. Finally, after dinner, Penny gets her big chance. Penny sings her song beautifully, and then the whole family joins in, including the babies (“in their own baby way”). They all have a little family dance party, with Mama in funny sunglasses and Papa in a funny hat. Penny’s song was worth the wait – it brings the little mouse family a joyful end to their day and ushers in sweet sleep for the babies.

This easy reader from beloved author and illustrator Kevin Henkes is perfect for newly independent readers – the short and simple text is supported by Henkes’ trademark watercolor illustrations, and the headings of “Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc.” build confidence and add a level of gravitas that new readers can be so hungry for. Children, especially older siblings, will appreciate Penny’s plight and ultimate triumph, and readers of all ages will delight in the depiction of a warm and loving mouse family, making musical memories one ordinary evening. Although this book is perfect for new readers, it would also make a lovely read-aloud for younger children.

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