Ralph Tells a Story by Abby Hanlon

Ralph Tells a StoryWhen you are writing a story, inspiration can come from anywhere, but sometimes you just get STUCK and can’t think of anything to write about. That is what happens to poor Ralph. His teacher tells him that stories are everywhere, and for his friend Daisy, they are — she even writes stories about things that happen to Ralph! Ralph looks out the window for stories, but nothing; he looks in the aquarium for stories, and still nothing; he looks in his desk, and finally under the desk for stories – but nothing . . . until he remembers lying in the grass at the park. He then realizes that he does have a story to tell – and it turns out to be a really good one about an inchworm and a house that he built for the inchworm, and a baby that puts the inchworm in his diaper, and a boy named Ralph who rescues the inchworm from the giant baby. From that time on, Ralph seems to find stories everywhere – just like his teacher said. This wonderful story will be a favorite read-aloud for teachers and parents of those first learning to write, and maybe even just those who get stuck every once in a while. The illustrations are perfect with childlike drawings of messy little kids and messy writing. This book is bound to be a favorite!

Posted by: Mary


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