Baby A B C by Deborah Donenfeld

Baby A B CAt the time of this writing, I am the proud new mother of a two week old boy. As a Librarian and lover of children’s literature, one of the things I most looked forward to when becoming a parent was reading to my child. Now, those who have experienced a two week old probably are aware that their eye sight is not completely developed and many babies find too much talking and interacting overwhelming; my baby certainly does. But, as I know from my education, it is never too early to start introducing books to children. When we share books, my baby seems to be able to look at one page and then needs to look away. However, there is one book in our library that engaged him even in his first week and that is Deborah Donenfeld’s Baby A B C.

This board book features crisp black and white photos of babies coupled with a primary colored letter and an object that starts with that letter. The primarily black and white photos with strong focus on the babies’ faces coupled with pops of color are the perfect combination for an infant’s developing eye sight. This book, while very simplistic, is a strong choice to share during the first two years of a child’s life. The babies featured in the book are adorable and children and parents alike will enjoy looking at them many times. The letters are presented clearly and perfect for children learning to recognize print. And for older toddlers, the objects featured on each page are ideal pairs for teaching initial sounds.

Posted by: Kelly

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