Life in the Ocean: the Story of Oceanographer Sylvia Earle by Claire A. Nivola

Life in the OceanSylvia Earle, oceanographer, is just about the coolest person I had never heard of before I read this book. Sylvia fell in love, hard, with the ocean as a child when her family moved to Florida. She immediately started investigating the life teeming there, and by the age of sixteen was using diving gear for the first time. She would go on to dive deeper and deeper, encountering life from the tiniest of creatures to the gigantic humpback whale. She even spent two weeks living underwater at a deep sea station fifty feet below, and holds a record for walking on the ocean floor at 1,250 feet under, deeper than anyone ever had before or since. A true lover of the ocean and all its inhabitants, Sylvia has dedicated herself to educating people about the wonders of the ocean. She feels that the best way to get people to care about the oceans and to take action on behalf of their stewardship is to educate them.

With its straightforward and gentle narrative, accompanied by beautifully detailed illustrations, this book inspires wonder at the natural world. The narrative itself focuses on Sylvia’s life of diving and details of the ocean life and landscape she encountered on her dives. An author’s note explains more about why the oceans are in danger, and will hopefully inspire a desire to learn more (a selected bibliography is also included) and to become an advocate for our oceans. Life in the Ocean is a beautiful picture book about an inspiring woman and the incredible oceans that she loves.


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