Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt

Okay for NowPeople who know me might be surprised to learn that I like to have my mind changed, especially when it comes to books. I have to admit though, that when it came to Okay for Now, changing my mind was a pretty tall order.

Generally, if a book does not strike a chord with me right away—within the first 100 pages—I’ll put it down for a while or look for it in a recorded format. I had done just that, put Okay for Now away for a year, maybe longer, when I agreed to help a friend do some Rebecca Caudill Young readers Book Award booktalks at a local school in the fall. Okay for Now was on my half of the list to talk about. I was not enthused at the prospects of picking it up again. However, another friend suggested that I give it one more try, maybe on audio this time. I’m glad I agreed.

I learned a lot from the main character, Doug Swietek, especially not to make judgments without facts to back them up. Doug, a “skinny, thug–in-training,” has a lot of problems making assumptions is one of his smaller ones. When thinking about Doug’s world, the phrase “controlled chaos” comes to mind—with the “controlled” part being very tenuous.

The Swieteks are a dysfunctional family. Doug, teetering on the edge of “hoodlumdom,” is seething with rage about being moved from his familiar friends and neighborhood on Long Island to a small, upstate New York town where his father has a new job. They live on the brink of financial ruin in a rented house the Doug refers to as “the dump.” His father is a loud-mouthed bully, his mother tries—unsuccessfully–to keep everyone happy, his older brothers, one of whom chose to fight in Vietnam rather than go to jail, are following in their father’s footsteps and making Doug’s life a misery. He’s a bright boy who has trouble with authority which leads to trouble in school.

Little does Doug realize that a girl named Lil, an Arctic Tern and a librarian, among others, are about to turn his world upside down. Art and beauty just might save Doug’s life.

Okay for Now is not an easy book to read—but, it is worthwhile. One lesson I learned along the way is that you don’t necessarily need to admire someone to learn from them. Like everyone else in his life, I just needed to give Doug a chance to prove himself. It took a bit of patience. Each of us can be stubborn. But, in the end, both Doug and I are more than Okay for Now.

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