Doug Unplugged by Dan Yaccarino

Doug UnpluggedAuthor and illustrator Dan Yaccarino is back with a new picture book for kids, but the message is one to which all of us could stand to listen to now and then. In Doug Unplugged we meet a bright young yellow robot named Doug whose parents want him to be the smartest little robot he can be. Each day they plug him in to download all sorts of facts about different subjects. After finishing his lesson is about the city, Doug notices a pigeon outside his window, and is compelled to follow it since he just learned about pigeons in the city. What he discovers is that, while facts and technology are wonderful and useful, they are no substitute for firsthand experiences.

During his excursion into the real city, Doug finds out that the large population of people in the city makes it difficult to see when walking down the street, garbage cans are stinky, and a flock of pigeons will scatter and fly away if you run toward them. When he comes across a little boy at a playground, Doug also learns that there are many different ways to play and have fun, and, perhaps most important of all, he learns that hugs are a great way to show someone you care.

The lesson Doug learns is a great one for both kids and their parents who spend most of their days “plugged in” via devices like tablets, video game consoles, computers, and smart phones. We can all use a little time to unplug like Doug and explore the world around us. Now that the lazy days of summer are finally here, it’s the perfect time to do like Doug and head outside to enjoy some screen-free time with family and friends.

Dan Yaccarino stays true to his signature art deco style in Doug Unplugged using bright solid blocks of color, strong lines, and a mid-century vintage aesthetic that his fans know and love. This style provides a lovely contrast with the modern storyline as it harkens back to a simpler time when kids played in the yard until the streetlights came on, and personal computers were the stuff of science fiction. As usual, Yaccarino does not disappoint. Doug Unplugged is sure to please loyal Yaccarino fans and create new ones for those who are just discovering his work.

You can check out a book trailer for Doug Unplugged on Yaccarino’s website

Posted by: Staci


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