Open This Little Book by Jesse Klausmeier

Open This Little BookAre you, by any chance, looking for a picture book that is fresh and different? And also sweet and charming? A book that celebrates a love of books? And also friendship? Maybe you also want the book to explore some concepts like colors and sizes? We actually have that book! It’s called Open This Little Book.

At the book’s opening, the reader is instructed to “Open this little red book.” Inside the little red book is a ladybug reading a little green book which the reader is then invited to open, inside which is another book, and so on. The books are die-cut pages of increasingly smaller size and varied colors, so the reader really feels like he is opening little books within books. Each book presents a new character, reading his book. It’s all very fun and surprising the first time, and it’s also satisfying to read over and over again because there are many details to notice, and because it gives one the opportunity to attempt to wrap one’s brain around the book’s wacky logic.

Little ones will enjoy having this read aloud to them, and older kids who are reading on their own will enjoy this picture book for its creative and interactive concept. So, go open this little book!

Posted by: Parry


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