Jasper John Dooley: Left Behind by Caroline Adderson

Jasper John Dooley: Left BehindJasper John Dooley is a new character in our easy fiction section and destined to become a favorite. These books are written for children just becoming comfortable with longer chapters and would work well as a read aloud for children who are not quite ready to read on their own. Jasper is a likable character with a voice that is truly that of a 7 year-old boy which will resonate with young readers. The text is accompanied by adorable pencil illustrations. In the second book in the series, Jasper is indeed, Left Behind when his grandmother leaves on a week-long cruise. Jasper spends a lot of time with Nan, especially on Wednesdays when Nan watches him. They always play Go Fish, eat jujubes and Jasper gets to ride the elevator up and down as much as he wants. Even though Jasper is happy that Nan finally gets to go on a cruise to see icebergs like she has always dreamed of, he is not looking forward to a week without Nan and each day that she is gone brings new challenges for Jasper. On the first day, Jasper hurts his stomach and puts a really cool, bright green band-aid over the very minor injury. Jasper decides that he needs to save the bright green band-aid to show Nan when she gets back. Each day, Jasper adds more band-aids to his tummy to keep the green band-aid safe until his tummy is covered in a pancake sized band-aid circle. Jasper also attempts to build a cruise ship with his best friend Ori with wood that builders left behind at Ori’s house to give to Nan when she returns. Ori decides that he is going to be the boss and Jasper will be the worker on this project, which results in some hilarious scenes consisting of Ori standing over Jasper while Jasper hammers yelling, “Work faster!” Every day is met with trials, tribulations and triumph for Jasper while Nan is gone which will keep readers engaged. This easy reader is sweet, funny and touching and is sure to be loved by children ages 5 to 8.

(Also, check out our review of Jasper John Dooley: Star of the Week, the first book in the series!)

Posted by: Kelly


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