The Hunt for the Seventh by Christine Morton-Shaw

The Hunt for the SeventhWhat would you do if you heard voices that no one else hears and saw ghosts? I’d be leaving immediately but it isn’t that easy for Jim.

Jim, his younger sister, Sal, and his father have come to live in a great manor where his father will be the head gardener. Some areas of the manor are open to the public for touring but Jim’s family will live in a small turret and the children are warned by the mean owner, Lord Louis Minerva III, not to roam the grounds. There are security cameras everywhere and Lord Minerva will see them if they are trespassing.

From the beginning Jim hears voices and starts to see ghosts who talk to him, demand that he solve a mystery they have given him, and leave him clues. He gets no help from his father who doesn’t believe him and is still exhausted and depressed because his wife died recently. Jim decides he will have to solve the mystery himself. The manor is large with gardens, woods, bogs, a lake, various types of buildings and many frightening statues including memorial statues of the children who have died on the estate since 1826. His sister soon gets involved and also the autistic son of the Lord of the manor who is supposed to be away at school but skulks about the property unseen by the adults and guides Tom in gathering information.

This is a scary ghost story set in a very atmospheric location and is also an intriguing mystery. Recommended for children in grades 5 through 7.

Posted by: Fran W.

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