What’s Chemistry All About? by Alex Frith

What’s Chemistry All About?School is back in session, and with the emphasis on Common Core it feels like a good time to recommend some non-fiction. I’ve never been particularly gifted in the sciences. Chemistry is one area that I find to be particularly intimidating, but also quite interesting which is what makes What’s Chemistry All About? so great. This book is a very straightforward and engaging overview of what chemistry is, why we study it, and how we use it both on a daily basis as well as in specialized circumstances.

Topics such as the periodic table, phases of matter, atomic structure, and why chocolate makes us happy as well are just some of the various other aspects of chemistry that are presented in this book. Adam Larkum’s illustrations complement and enhance the text, and provide more in depth learning opportunities for readers who benefit from a visual learning style. Experiments that can easily be done at home are interspersed throughout the book providing hands on activities to assist young readers with grasping the material presented.

The casual, accessible tone and engaging illustrations make this very approachable for budding young scientists in grades 4 and up. If you enjoy this book or are looking for information on a different area of science, check out one of the other titles in the series including What’s Science All About, What’s Biology All About, and What’s Physics All About?.

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