Pete the Cat: Pete’s Big Lunch by James Dean

Pete the Cat: Pete’s Big LunchPete the Cat has taken the picture book world by storm. The sleek, blue cat with expressive eyes finds himself juxtaposed with human situations and works his way through them with his wry, laid back cat attitude. The Pete the Cat picture books contain large text that is great for children just learning to read and even those getting ready to read and just starting to recognize print. This year, the illustrator brought his easy to read text style and amusing illustrations to the easy reader format. Moving Pete into Easy Readers was a seamless transition.

In Pete’s Big Lunch, the alarm rings at 12 p.m. and Pete knows it is time for lunch by his growling stomach. The ravenous cat starts with a loaf of bread, tomatoes and fish but thinks that will not be enough. So, Pete starts to add more and more to the sandwich, packaging and all. When the towering meal is complete, Pete realizes that is way too much for one cat and whips out his cell phone and calls his friends to help him eat his big lunch. Kids who love Pete the Cat will love getting to read more about his adventures in books that are just perfect for beginning readers.

Posted by: Kelly


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