Let’s Go, Hugo! By Angela Dominguez

Let’s Go, Hugo!Little Hugo is a bird who lives in Paris, and he LOVES his life filled with art and friends and fun. There is just one problem — Little Hugo is afraid to fly! Hugo has somehow found a way to walk everywhere he goes; and he could just keep on walking, except for the fact he has met a new friend Lulu. Lulu LOVES to fly, and she wants to show her new friend Hugo the most amazing building called the Eiffel Tower; and of course, she wants to fly there.

Hugo and Lulu spend the day together having loads of fun together eating popcorn, playing in the fountain, and all the while Hugo keeps creating diversions in order to keep himself planted firmly on the ground. When Lulu finally needs to go home for the day, Hugo is afraid he will never see his new friend again, and so he decides to try to face his fears! His wise friend owl helps him along, and when Lulu comes back, she manages to convince Hugo that she too can help him to fly, even if he is a little scared.

I love the message that if you take a chance, life can be a beautiful adventure (especially if you have a friend to help you when you get a little scared). This is a message that is good for children and adults as well.

Posted by: Mary


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