W is for Wrigley by Brad Herzog

W is for WrigleyIt’s October. The leaves have changed, pumpkins and witches festoon windows, geese are honking overhead and in Chicago, as usual, the lights are out in Wrigley Field. There’s always “next year” if you’re a Chicagoan, especially if you “root, root, root for the Cubbies.”

Unlike other years however, when next year, 2014, rolls around, Cubs fans—and all Chicagoans—will finally, actually, have something to celebrate. The team may be as woeful as ever but, their ballpark, Wrigley Field, which has amazing stories to tell, will reach an historic mark. Wrigley Field will celebrate 100 years in 2014. That’s quite an achievement.

In W is for Wrigley, Brad Herzog brilliantly delineates, in alphabetical fashion, why, even if the teams are lackluster, Wrigley Field is a shining example of all that baseball has been and can be. Wrigley, the oldest park still operating, is known, of course, as a baseball mecca but has also served as a home to 50 seasons of Bears football, boxing matches and even hockey. It’s played a part in some of sports biggest moments—including Babe Ruth’s famous “called shot.”

Beginning with “A is for an amazing ballpark, an address on Addison Street” to “Z is for Zachary Taylor Davis” each page is crammed with clever rhymes and intriguing details that will entertain and inform enthusiasts both young and old. Herzog’s obvious keenness for his subject reveals the true feelings, win or lose, about Chicago baseball and it’s very special place in the hearts and minds of the fans who “bleed Cubbie blue.” The amazing illustrations by John Hanley cover every page and somehow manage to combine at the same time, a feeling of both dreamy nostalgia and up-to-the minute reality. Anyone who enjoys baseball will enjoy W is for Wrigley. If you’re a true Cubs fan, it will most likely find a hallowed place on your bedside table. Sweet dreams Cubs fans, next year will be your year.

Posted by: Eileen

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