Five Little Monkeys Trick or Treat by Eileen Christelow

Five Little Monkeys Trick or TreatEileen Christelow started her Five Little Monkeys empire by adapting the traditional fingerplay “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” into a delightful picture book in 1989. Many five little monkeys picture books have followed and they all feature the same adorable and mischievous little monkeys and their harried mama having adventures. In the most recent addition to the Five Little Monkeys series, the monkeys trick-or-treat.

The story starts with the monkeys getting their costumes on as their favorite babysitter Lulu arrives to take them trick-or-treating. As they leave, Mama reminds Lulu that on this special night, she does not have five little monkey monkeys, but a banana, alien, ghost, goblin, and princess and that she should not “lose the rascals.” The little monkeys, being as roguish as ever; decide to trade costumes with friends that they meet along the way. Poor Lulu does not notice the monkeys are switching costumes with other trick-or-treaters since the costumes conceal the true identity of the person wearing them.

Lulu leads the banana, alien, ghost, goblin, and princess who are not the five little monkeys back to the monkeys’ house, and the five little monkeys follow. Mama lets the disguised animals in her home pretending not to notice that they are not her children. The little monkeys panic as mama does not seem to recognize that the animals in her monkeys’ costumes are not her five little monkeys. At the last minute mama hugs her little monkeys and scolds them for tricking their babysitter. Then, the monkeys enjoy a treat with Lulu, the friends they traded costumes with and mama.

Filled with Halloween fun, the book also includes recipes for Lulu’s Eyeball Cookies and Worm Juice.

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