Ol’ Mama Squirrel by David Ezra Stein

Ol' Mama SquirrelIf you don’t know already, you will soon know not to mess with Ol’ Mama Squirrel. She is VERY protective and a little territorial, and she will do anything and scold anyone if they try to mess with her babies. She even scolds airplanes and kites and the man pruning the tree. She is the fiercest mother around when it comes to protecting her babies; and after taking care of the problem, she simply replies “And that takes care of that”. Well this almost always works . . .until a big grizzly bear climbs up her tree and Ol’ Mama Squirrel tells him what’s what and then pelts him with nuts, and he just laughs!

Momentarily, Mama has a twinge of fear, but then she gathers up her babies and calls out “Not on MY watch, buster!”. This bear has left Ol’ Mama no other choice but to call in reinforcements – she sounds the alarm in the park, at the tops of the trees, under the tracks. Then, just as the grizzly bear is sticking his nose into Grandpappy Squirrel’s nest hole, hundreds more mama squirrels come after the bear scolding and chasing and throwing old nuts. That is finally enough to send him running. All the townspeople are so grateful that they even put up a plaque in Ol’ Mama Squirrel’s honor. This is a wonderful read aloud and would be fun for kids 4 and up! The illustrations are just right too! Very fun!

Posted by: Mary


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