Lulu and the Duck in the Park by Hilary McKay

Lulu and the Duck in the ParkLulu is famous in her neighborhood for her love of animals. She cherishes her classroom’s weekly visit to the park, where she always says hello to a particular brown duck with one white wing. One spring day, after two unleashed dogs have wreaked havoc near the duck pond, Lulu notices one egg rolling across the grass. Lulu decides to take the egg with her back to class, where she can keep it safe. How will Lulu keep the egg safe? How will she keep it hidden? What if it starts to hatch in school?

This will make a great choice for readers who are new to chapter books – the pacing is brisk, the chapters are short, and there are many illustrations scattered throughout the book. Animal lovers will especially love this book, as they will relate to Lulu – an impulsive, bighearted, spirited lover and caretaker of animals. Readers will also come to know Lulu’s best friend and cousin, Mellie, and Mrs. Holiday, the strict teacher who (inexplicably!) does not like animals, but surprises Lulu and Mellie with her kindness. Look for Lulu’s other adventures in Lulu and the Dog by the Sea and Lulu and the Cat in the Bag.

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