Pi-Rat! by Maxine Lee

Pi-RatRight on the cover next to a skull and crossbones, this book asks “Who’s the most rascally rat to sail the seas?”  Of course the answer is none but Pi-Rat. 

Once you open the book you’ll know why.  Maxine Lee has created a graphic tour de force that should hook any 4 -6 year old boy worth his salt.  Bright colors, bold shapes and “fearsome” dialog—“There are no rules on my mighty ship—we do whatever we like!” speak volumes to little guys—and girls– who are testing the limits of hard fought independence from toddlerhood.

Starting right on the cover there’s a cutout that makes it look as though a larger than life Pi-Rat menacing a sword is crawling through a porthole and into the readers lap.  And what a Pi-Rat he is; half swash-buckling and half endearingly goofy as he explains to his “crew” and the reader that he’s not afraid of anything.  Crocodiles, sharks, even—gasp–the dark are just trivial nuisances to this gang of ruffians.

There’s only one thing that can cause these buccaneers to quake in their boots.  It’s big and bold and bossy.

If you can’t guess what powerful being it might be that can put real terror into the soul of Pi-Rat and his mutinous mob, sail right over to the picture book shelves and prepare to walk the plank to merriment.

Posted by: Eileen


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