12 Kinds of Ice by Ellen Bryan Obed

12 Kinds of IceLike it or not, it is cold outside. We can’t change the weather, but what we can do is change our outlook on the weather we are given. Twelve Kinds of Ice is a lovely little book that just might help you warm up to the cold weather.

The book provides a peek inside the author’s memories of her childhood winters in Maine by describing ice at different points of the season. The first ice is so thin and fragile that it breaks upon the first touch. As the days and nights continue to grow colder, however, the ice freezes more deeply eventually creating “perfect ice,” flawless and smooth and just right for skating. Skating parties, ice shows and hockey games are all enjoyed on different kinds of ice throughout the winter until, eventually, the warmer air brings with it “the last ice” or “punk ice” leaving only “dream ice” until the next winter.

Obed does a wonderful job pulling the reader into her childhood world in twenty very short vignettes. Even without the charming line drawings, it would be easy to imagine each kind of ice, but the illustrations add a charming extra layer to Obed’s words. This book would make for such a sweet addition to any family’s winter traditions. It would be a great book to share together by the fire with some gingerbread and hot cocoa, perhaps after an afternoon of skating or sledding. Or grab the audio and listen while you decorate or bake for the holidays.

Posted by: Staci


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